Our passion has always been about improving player welfare and safety in contact sports

With the emergence of wearable technology, we have been able to combine two of our core values, innovation and protection, to develop the world’s most advanced Smart Mouthguard – OPRO+.

OPRO+ is fitted with PROTECHT’s high precision sensor technology which detects, transmits and displays insightful information about every head impact a player receives in training or competitive matches to their coaches, trainers and medical professionals.

A player’s teeth are attached to their jaw bone, which is attached to the skull, which contains the brain. In order for the impact data to be accurate, having a mouthguard which fits tightly around the player’s teeth is essential. As the world’s largest and most technically advanced mouthguard manufacturer, each OPRO+ is customised to the player’s teeth and optimised for fit, comfort and protection.

Working with our partners across professional sport, OPRO+ is being deployed at the forefront of research and facilitating tailored initiatives aimed at enhancing safety and player welfare.

How Opro+ Works

  • Impact Impact

    Athlete receives impact from an in play collision which might affect the athlete's health and wellbeing.

  • Protection Protection

    OPRO+ bespoke Custom Mouthguard protects the athlete's teeth from the initial contact and is individually shaped to provide the ultimate fit and retention.

  • Real-Time Data Capture Real-Time Data Capture

    Real time data on head impacts is captured and passed instantly to the sidelines.

  • Transmission Transmission

    Trained professionals and coaches can monitor individual impacts and see the exact forces the player has been subjected to.

  • Action Action

    Coach/trainer/medical professional can identify the forces that the player has received.


Athlete receives impact from an in play collision which might affect the athletes health and wellbeing.

Opro Plus
  • Data


    Real time data on head impacts is captured and used to interpret whether a player needs medical assessment.

  • Coaching


    Trained professionals, coaches and parents can monitor individual impacts, which may determine whether a player should be allowed to continue playing, or to identify other techniques within the sport that are more effective.

  • Protection


    Our bespoke mouthguards offer the ultimate in protection with over 20 years' experience in producing the highest quality mouthguards. OPRO+ mouthguards also contain Biomaster antimicrobial product protection.

Opro+ Features

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