About Us

Our Heritage

Founded in 1997 by Dr. Anthony Lovat, BDS, OPRO stands as the pinnacle of mouthguard innovation, leading the field in oral protection. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing base in the UK is dedicated to developing the highest standard of dental safety through continuous technological and innovative advancements, serving athletes from various sports and skill levels across Europe.

Trusted by Professionals

Over the years, we have supplied our top-quality mouthguards to elite athletes worldwide and are honored to be the chosen mouthguard supplier for numerous international sports teams and organizations. Our partners include England Rugby, New Zealand Rugby, GB Taekwondo, UFC, USA Wrestling, the GAA, and England Hockey. These collaborations underline the trust and confidence these top athletes place in our mouthguards, ensuring they can focus solely on their performance with the best oral protection available.

Advancing Performance Through Innovation

Since our establishment, we’ve equipped over ten million athletes across the globe with our patented custom-fit and self-fit mouthguards. Our innovative efforts have been recognized with the prestigious Queen’s Award for Innovation in 2007 and 2019, affirming our leadership in oral protection technology.

We are continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible in mouthguard technology. Explore our latest innovation, the Instant Custom-Fit revolutionary mouthguard, which allows athletes to achieve a dentist-level fit instantly.

Innovate. Protect. Perform.

With over 25 years of pioneering history, OPRO is excited to forge ahead, supporting the athletic pursuits of individuals across the EU. As you reach new heights in your sports career, we’re here to ensure you do so with the best protection.

We protect. You perform.