Better fight. Better fit. Give yourself the confidence to excel using OPRO’s best wrestling mouthguards with the ultimate protection. secure and durable... trusted by millions of combat sports enthusiasts the world over. Whether you’re grappling, sparring or rolling, our impact resistant wrestling mouthpieces prevent damage to teeth and gums – to optimise performance against an opponent. Easy to apply, with a dentist level fit suitable for braces, and different designs to match your fighting style. Fit better. Fight better.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How to fit a wrestling mouthguard?

    Fitting an OPRO mouthguard is super simple. We have easy-to-follow instructions on the product packaging and you can view our fitting videos here. 

  • What is the best OPRO mouthguard for wrestling?

    All OPRO mouthguards have been designed to provide protection from potential injuries to teeth and soft tissue and to remain firmly in place when being worn. The level of protection and retention increases with each level of mouthguard from Snap-Fit through to Instant Custom-Fit. To compare the range, click here.

  • Best wrestling mouthguard for braces?

    OPRO have a range of mouthguards suitable for those who wear fixed braces, check out the range here

  • What is the best youth mouthguard for wrestling?

    For the highest level of protection for your child’s teeth, check out the OPRO Instant Custom-Fit, It provides a dentist level fit and comfort; featuring a triple layer construction, patented fin technology and our patented compression cage with hyperflex technology to offer the highest level of damage defence in a mouthguard. Shop yours here.