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Shona McCallin MBE 

Great Britain Hockey, Olympic Gold Medallist Rio 2016

Shona is a star of the sport. Having previously captained England U21s in the Junior World Cup in 2013, Shona made her debut for England in the Euro Hockey Championships in 2015, where she won gold. This was quickly followed by gold at the World League in the same year before Shona was selected for the Team GB Olympic squad for Rio 2016. That dramatic penalty shootout victory over the Netherlands saw Shona win an Olympic gold medal, quickly followed by a trip to Buckingham Palace (with her beloved Gran), where she was awarded an MBE.

Shona has also used OPRO throughout her career, recognising the importance of having the very best protection for her teeth, which is a message she is passionate about delivering to youngsters in her busy hockey coaching schedule!


Get to Know Shona, On and Off the Pitch (@shonamccallin24)


  • Favorite sporting memory? Winning Gold in Rio 2016  GB Hockey Winners in Rio 2016
  • Favorite aspect of hockey? Working together and achieving as a team
    • Least Favorite? Training in the rain
  • Favorite exercise in the gym? Core stability using a cable machine
    • Least favorite? Heavy lifts with 2 or 3 reps
  • What's the last song you listen to before a match? Anything house related
  • Besides the sporting essentials, what do you bring with you to tournaments? A speaker, as I have a phobia of quiet rooms, and hair straighteners.
  • Sporting heroes? In hockey: Helen Richardson Walsh was a very creative and technically sound player. I loved watching her and playing with her as at times she made the game look so easy. Out of hockey: Usain Bolt- you could tell he just loved the sport and racing.Shona McCallin and the Richardson-Walshs
  • How does your personality come out when you play/train? I’m quite structured, organised and consistent and I think you see that in my play. I’m seen as an organiser on the pitch who doesn’t necessarily do anything fancy but is consistent. 
  • Favorite way to relax and wind down? Go on holiday, leave my phone in my room and read by a pool
  • When you lived abroad (Shona lived in Holland for three and a half years playing hockey for MOP and studying International Business at Tilburg University), what did you miss most about home? Roast dinners on Sundays, proper English tea, and queuing (nobody in Holland does that!!). 
  • Which celebrities are you convinced you would be best friends with? Greg James, Scott Camilla or Nick Grimshaw. I listen to Radio 1 all the time and think they’re all hilarious. 
  • What do you dislike but have no good reason for disliking? People who have their car windscreen wipers on too fast for the amount of rain or middle lane drivers!Shona McCallin in the Netherlands
  • Favorite Instagram account? I follow the hashtag #kittens which produces some super cute videos and photos.
  • Favorite place in the world? Anywhere with sun, a sun lounger, some family and a good book
  • Do you follow any pro sports teams? I love all sports. I mostly follow football, both mens and womens.
  • What are you thinking about when you're not thinking about hockey? Food, my next training session, or when I can go to sleep
  • Favorite meal during the training season? Breakfast – chocolate protein overnight oats with bananas
    • Favorite meal in the off-season? Burger and chips
  • If you weren't a professional athlete, what would you be doing instead? I would be a health café owner or working in the nutrition industry.
  • Shona McCallin hockeyWhat are you currently watching/listing to? Podcasts, podcasts, podcasts! Lots of the BBC 5live ones, Fearne Cotton Happy Place, Russell Brand, Table Manners with Jesse Ware, Runners World Podcast. Any sport or interview related podcasts, really. 
  • When all is said and done, you hang up the stick/mouthguards/etc, how would you like to be remembered? As someone who achieved their potential, who always fought to the end and who contributed to growing the sport of hockey.