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Jordan Thomas

Great Britain Karate, World Champion

Son of William Thomas, ex-World Karate Champion, Jordan has followed in his father’s footsteps winning gold in the World Championships in Linz 2016. Prior to this, Jordan had won gold in his first major tournament, the European Championships in 2014. Jordan’s achievements are even more inspiring given that doctors had said he wouldn’t be able to walk again when he broke his leg, aged 2, after being run over. Karate is making its long-awaited debut as an Olympic sport in Tokyo 2020 and Jordan will be flying the flag going for gold for Team GB.

Mouthguards are a vital piece of equipment for anyone training or competing in Karate. Jordan is keen to promote this, working with OPRO, ensuring that as many people as possible take up the sport and have the best protection for their teeth as well!


Get to know Jordan (@jordanthomaskarate)


  • Favorite sporting memory? Winning the World Championships in 2016Jordan Thomas running
  • Favorite karate move? Hook kick
  • Favorite exercise in the gym? Anything to do with jumping
    • Least favorite? Watt bike
  • How has your relationship with karate changed over the years? Thanks to the National Lottery Players, I am now a funded athlete which means that I am able to train full time at the National Taekwondo Centre in Manchester and don’t really have to worry about anything else – which is great!
  • Do you follow any pro sports teams? Luton Town Football Club
  • What celebrity are you convinced you would be best friends with? I think Will Smith and I would get on well, but he would be more of an uncle figure for me! Bruno Mars is the coolest cat I’m yet to know.
  • Favorite place in the world? St. Lucia
  • If I’m not thinking about my sport, I'm thinking about…What am I going to eat next
  • Favorite meal during the training season? I like a good healthy lasagna
    • Favorite meal in the off-season? Give me some mutton and rice with some plantain
  • Favorite way to relax and wind down? Dancing and singing in the shower
  • If you weren't an athlete, what would you want to be doing? I would be in the catering business.