In a lot of ways, sport is like a business. In business, it’s all about formulating and implementing strategies. They’re a way of improving profit, operations, and team performance. You do the same thing in sport, except you’re chasing improved performance, tactics, and success rates. With this in mind, strategies can contribute significantly to sports teams’ success.

The fitness market is expected to be worth £23 billion by next year, suggesting sport’s increasing value to the economy. If you aren’t doing already, it might be time to take it seriously. So what can a good strategy do for your team?


If your team has a strategy, you’ll see improvements in players’ individual performances. 

Each player will be more aware of their individual aims and their place in the team as a whole. Formulating strategies will involve open conversations and lots of set planning of techniques and tactics. As a result, players will be more confident about what’s expected of them on the field. Every player will have a better understanding of their input in the team’s performance and will be more motivated. 


Strategising is a great way to improve your team’s synchronicity. The process will involve aligning each member to the same end goal. Each of your players’ motivations will combine and team morale consequently improves. Having the same focus and end goal will have them working as a unit in the game.

Rather than having players looking out for themselves, everyone will be operating under the same agenda, working together to achieve success. 


As a result of boosts to team morale and synchronicity, your players will have a new sense of motivation. By shifting focus, each player will begin to feel accountable for the team. Instead of only focusing on their own performance and results, they’re likely to feel a sense of responsibility to other player’s outcomes. They’ll be motivated by wanting to help their team as much as by wanting to win for themselves.


An important element of strategising is analysing past data. By looking over previous results and performances, the team will become more aware of what to improve for next time and the best tactics for later competition.

This shouldn’t be left for coaches and management alone, but rather a shared process for everyone involved. Watching matches back as a team will prove much more effective than just telling them.


As well as these improvements, you’ll also light a new fire under your team. Players will be more confident on the pitch, ready to take anyone on. Your team will act as one and be better able to anticipate each other’s moves. If your team feel more comfortable during the game, the real competition can begin.

The idea of strategising can often seem boring or as something left to businesspeople. But when it comes to sport, creating a team strategy can go a long way in improving performance and enhancing motivation. You can push yourself to the limits in physical training, but it’s by formulating a strategy that your team’s skill will truly come together and be unstoppable.

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