Your team kit doesn’t just help your teammates spot you on the field. It affects how freely you can move during a game, how you’re perceived on the pitch, and how you feel while you’re playing. 

It’s important to think carefully when designing a kit as it’s so much more than something you wear. You want items that perform well for the specific conditions of your sport, won’t inhibit your performance, and are good value for money. 



Nobody wants to run around with a kit that sticks and makes you overheat. You want to make an informed choice about what material is best for your team uniform because this will influence how comfortable you’ll be.


Spandex is usually combined with something like nylon or polyester to make the stretchy fabric you know and love. These combinations are usually also crafted to be breathable, sweat absorbent, and quick-drying. 

Cotton is good because it’s breathable and won’t hold on to any odours. But it does not rank well for sweat absorption. So if you want to stay dry while you play, cotton is not the best choice. Calico, however, is a subtype of cotton that offers improved absorption. It’s also environmentally friendly, so you can do your bit for the environment.

Synthetic fibres are good for sportswear because they are breathable, will absorb sweat to keep you cool, and usually offer a good range of motion. Most synthetic materials will have wick technology, meaning they move any moisture to the surface so it can evaporate. Synthetic items will also be easier to maintain through regular washing as they are more likely to keep their shape and not shrink.



Research has shown that colours influence behaviour and how others perceive us. This can be particularly interesting when thinking about sports. So if you design your kit carefully, it can do a lot more than keep you cool and dry. Two main examples of colours that evoke different feelings and emotions are red and black. 

Red is often associated with excitement and aggression. A study found that viewing the colour red results in greater motor output. So including the colour red in your kit could potentially increase your speed and force.

Another study found that teams wearing all black ranked higher for penalties. This could be a result of either referee perception or increased aggression from those wearing black. In the NFL, the five black-uniformed teams ranked as the top five most malevolent. Including the colour black in your uniform could encourage your team to adopt more of a competitive mindset, and make your competition see you as more of a threat. 

Keeping costs down



It can be economic to choose materials for your kit based on how long they’ll last you. If you choose something that washes well and maintains its shape through regular use, you’ll have to spend less in the long-run. Here’s a pro tip though: don’t use fabric softener with synthetic fibres as it blocks them and leaves them smelly. You also want to choose items that will put up with the stress of varied and consistent movements. You don’t want any tears during a game!

If you design your team kit carefully it’ll pay off in your team’s performance, perception, and ability. Your skills will go to waste if you’re stuck in clothing that’s uncomfortable to wear or restricts you while you play.


Your team kit is great for team morale, ensuring comfort, and in influencing how you’re perceived by the opposition. But this is all useless if you don’t have the right protection. OPRO mouthguards provide levels of protection and comfort. They can also be made up in your team’s colours and crest to complete the look! Shop our full range here.