It feels like the FIFA Women’s World Cup has only just finished. With viewing figure records being broken, women’s sport finally got some much-deserved screen time across the globe, with millions tuning in to support their favourite team. The United States won in the end - they were the favourites after all. England made it all the way to the semis, only to be beaten by said favourites, which is a high honour. With the competition now over, there’s another sport ready to dive into the limelight.

The women’s Under 19s Lacrosse World Championship kicked off in Peterborough, Canada last week. From the 1st to 10th August, the world’s greatest female Lacrosse players will battle it out to become the champions of the world. Despite this exciting event drawing closer, it’s not surprising the lacrosse championships aren’t getting the same coverage as football. But, it doesn’t mean lacrosse isn’t becoming a more popular and more supported sport across the world.

Who plays lacrosse?

Men, women, and children can play lacrosse. In the United States and Canada, lacrosse is a hugely popular sport. This isn’t surprising considering Native Americans invented the game. However, William Beers, a Canadian, was the first to officially codify the rules of the game in 1860. In the US, lacrosse is the fastest-growing high school sport, and more people are learning about what the game involves.

Between 2010 and 2015, memberships to lacrosse teams in England rose by 65%. Players use a long-handled racket called a crosse, or lacrosse stick, to move a rubber ball during the game. You must either catch, pass, or carry it in the net to each end. It’s a fast-paced, dynamic game - one of the fastest games on two feet with hints of rugby, basketball, ice hockey, field hockey, and football included in the setup.

Men’s vs. women’s lacrosse

Women’s and men’s lacrosse differ slightly, with men’s being full contact, and women’s being limited contact. The field size is also different as women have a larger pitch, extra boundaries, two extra players, and the protective equipment female players must use is vastly different because of the lack of contact. Women need only wear a mouthguard and eye protection. Some argue that these differences create two separate sports, and the male game often draws in the crowds with many excited to see brute force and full contact used to score goals. But the women’s game relies on pure skill, which can be just as interesting to watch.

If you’re not familiar with lacrosse, this world championship event could be the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to a new, exciting sport. It’s full of impressive athletes and undeniable skill, which create a hugely entertaining sport to watch. Why not give it a try before the final this weekend?

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