What do you think of when you hear ‘Everest’? You probably envision the ice-topped peak of the tallest mountain in the world. The word ‘challenge’ might even spring to mind. But, how many of you heard ‘Everest’ and thought ‘rugby’? If you didn’t, hopefully you soon will as we take you through the LMAX Exchange Everest Rugby Challenge - set to be the highest games of rugby played in history.


What is the LMAX Exchange Everest Rugby Challenge?


This amazing challenge will take place over 23 days, from 13th April to 6th May 2019. A group of rugby players - including Tamara Taylor, Shane Williams MBE, Lee Mears, and Ollie Phillips (pictured) - will face the most famous mountain in the world, battling acclimatisation and shocking heights of 6,500 metres, to play the highest game of full contact rugby and the highest game of mixed touch rugby in history.


This isn’t just to smash the world record of the highest games of rugby ever played; it’s also to raise over £200,000 for life-changing projects helping children and young people living with disabilities and facing disadvantages in the UK and Ireland. Our partners, Wooden Spoon, are hosting this game in partnership with LMAX Exchange to raise as much money as possible for charity.


Wooden Spoon is a charity that aims to ensure every child and young person in the UK and Ireland has access to the same opportunities, through the power of rugby. Wooden Spoon positively transforms the lives of children and young people with disabilities or those facing disadvantages.


Climb Your Own Everest is a fun and simple fundraising initiative that you can take part in at school, your rugby club, with friends, or at work. Ask people to walk, run, climb, or wheel 8,848m (the height of Mount Everest) and raise funds for Wooden Spoon.


How can you get involved?




Pupils and teachers can pay £1 to take part and compete in class teams. The winning team could be given a certificate provided by us. By taking part, your school could also win its own Redwood outdoor wall mounted climbing wall.




Climb the height of Everest (8,848 metres or 3,871 flights of stairs) using the stairs at your offices, or borrow one of our stepper machines. Departments could compete against each other for a donation, and the winning team could win lunch courtesy of the company or could finish early one Friday afternoon.


Rugby clubs


Coaches and players can donate £1 to take part and compete as teams. The winner could win a free rugby ball signed by one of the Everest captains.


How we’re supporting Wooden Spoon


We’re partners with Wooden Spoon because we love the work they do for young people across the country. We couldn’t be more excited to get our staff involved and raise money for Wooden Spoon in the run-up to the LMAX Exchange Everest Rugby Challenge, and we continue to do what we can to help. Our Power-Fit Wooden Spoon mouthguard has all the quality of OPRO’s original mouthguards. It’s simple to shape and fit, and offers the ultimate protection. And, for every one sold, we donate £10 to Wooden Spoon to help fund their revolutionary projects.


You can get your Power-Fit Wooden Spoon gum shield by visiting our website for long-lasting protection or call us on 01442 430 692. And don’t forget to get involved with Climb Your Own Everest.