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3rd June 2013: Having a tooth knocked out or chipped is not a pleasant experience. Wearing a mouthguard can prevent injury to the teeth and gums but if you, or someone you know, suffer injury to teeth, here is some useful advice on what to do

31st May 2013: We are sometimes asked whether OPRO mouthguards are suitable for people who have a fixed brace and the answer is most definitely 'yes'! If you are going along to one of our dental visits, the dentist will lay some orthodontic wax over the brace before taking the impression. This ensures that none of the alginate gets stuck around the delicate wires of the brace. If you opt to use one of our home impression systems - the OPD - we can provide one that is specially designed for wearers of fixed braces. So if you have a fixed brace, however you choose to obtain your custom-fit OPRO, we've got every option covered. Remember too that all OPROs come with a full dental warranty and are legally CE certified.

22nd April 2013: Our very own cricket star and Brand Manager of OPRO360, Mark Ilott, features in the April edition of leading sport trade magazine, Sports Insight. We almost didn't recognise him with so much hair!

19th April 2013: OPRO has recently entered into an agreement with Scarlets RFC to become their offficial mouthguard supplier. We're delighted to be working with such  a fantastic club

8th April 2013: Munster player Paul O' Connell demonstrates the retention power of OPRO custom mouthguards by conducting a post match interview with opro firmly in place and you can hear every word he says! Click here to watch the interview